An Easter Feast!

By Amanada Barsky, intern

Easter is coming, and for some, that means a religious holiday. But no matter what your religion, Easter is a celebration of spring and renewal, a time where everyone can gather with family and enjoy the flowers, food, and sunshine.

One of the most important things about Easter is the traditions. Some families dye eggs and have massive Easter egg hunts. Other traditions feature visits from the Easter bunny himself. Kids love making Easter baskets for each other and filling them with chocolate and jelly beans. And of course, it’s always fun to watch Easter movies to get in the spirit. There is one thing that lies at the center of many of these traditions: food!

E_Stone_cvrSpring is the perfect time to entertain. After a long winter, fruits and vegetables are finally ripe again and ready to be enjoyed with loved ones. In An Invitation to Entertain, Elizabeth Stone creates a beautiful Easter brunch to celebrate the season. Her menu features melon salad with lavender syrup, poached salmon served with a dill creme fraiche, cucumber scales, and a white wine dijon mustard, deviled eggs with pancetta and crispy onions, wild rice salad, herb-crusted lamb, vegetables marinated in Maltaise sauce, spring berry trifle, and chocolate caramel ganache pops. Those dishes alone make us want to get in the kitchen and start cooking!

Not only does Ms. Stone plan out incredible, mouth-watering menu options, she also gives great tips on how to arrange food and decorations to look most beautiful. One clever tip to keep your flower centerpiece looking perky is called the tulip lift. Just add a ¼ to ½ cup of gin to a vase of tulips to make them look fresh and bright for longer!

Sugared fruits are another way to get creative with your meal. Ms. Stone explains how to coat fruits in a light layering of sugar to add some extra sweetness to your treat. Lavender is always a great choice because of its versatility. Its leaves are tender and long, and it produces beautiful purple flowers that can be used in spice mixes and salads. The leaves can be used to flavor a tea or syrup, simply by letting them steep in a mixture of boiling water and sugar.

An Invitation to Entertain has tons of creative ideas and dishes for different occasions. Whether you plan on having an Easter egg hunt, going to church, going on vacation, or just relaxing this holiday weekend, make sure to eat some good food to celebrate spring!

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