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Children’s Books for the Holidays

The holiday season is finally, truly here. We can go ice skating and make cookies and drink hot chocolate. We can decorate our houses and have festive parties with friends and sing Christmas carols. It is the season of giving. Of course, we at Bright Sky Press believe that books are some of the best […]

Making History

By Reagan Williamson, intern It’s been a year for comebacks here in Houston, and one for making history. Our city has hosted not one, but two of the biggest sporting events in the country, along with the most catastrophic flooding Houston has ever seen. We didn’t have tickets for the game last night–poor college kids that […]

Fall Means Farmer’s Markets

By Reagan Williamson, intern Fall is, believe it or not, upon us. Despite Houston’s best attempts to remain ninety degrees, October is just around the corner and the season of all things pumpkin spice is in full swing. With the arrival of (slightly) cooler weather, bike rides, parks, and being outdoors for more than a collective […]

Reflecting on Hurricane Harvey

By Reagan Williamson, intern Here in Houston, we have watched the world rally. The national news plays a continuous anthem, and it is the words “destruction”, “obliteration”, and “disaster” on a loop. It is difficult for my mom to understand that I, a lowly college student, could somehow be untouched amidst the demolition of homes, cars, […]

Interning for a Small Publishing House

By Sarah Waites, intern The number one piece of advice I’ve been given about the publishing industry is to be flexible. You’re more likely to succeed if you keep yourself open to the idea of working in many different parts of the industry. Working at Bright Sky Press has shown me that I’m fully capable of […]

The Dog Days of Summer

By Lauren Cerda, intern Without the relentless schedule of work or school, you might find yourself with too much time and not enough to do this summer. Boredom hits hard; it hits fast. Though the idea of the dog days of summer originated with the ancient Greeks (as most Western things do) and though its original […]

Lost in the Sauce

By Sam Russek, intern “If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce.” So spoke Gucci Mane, the great philosopher of our time. I’ve let the tenets and creeds of Gucci Mane navigate me through my entire young adult life. When he opines […]

Finding Your Silver Lining

By Cody Durain, intern Spring is here and we’ve had some beautiful days, but also a few grey ones with lots of rain. When our days go from good to bad to worse, we tend to hide away inside. We do this when it’s not just the weather either. Once a day is ruined, it’s hard […]

Everything’s Bigger in Texas – Especially the Food!

By Cody Durain, intern As a native Texan, my favorite thing about this big beautiful state is the sheer amount of diversity we encounter every day. When cultures collide, they create something beautiful (TexMex being a prime example of this). You might have guessed, but food is one of my favorite ways to experience a culture. […]

Submission Tips: the do’s and don’ts

By Cody Durain, intern Hello dear readers, Today marks the first month I have been interning here at Bright Sky Press. It has been a blast and I am eagerly looking forward to the next! But I wanted to take some time to share with you my insider view of our publishing company. One of the […]