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Big Talking

It just stands to reason that the state with the tallest tales should have the most engaging expressions. Texas diction is chock full of wit and whimsy, valuable advice and truisms. Whether you want to cook up a whopper, shoot straight or never say pea turkey about nothin’, you can find a delightful expression for […]

The Rodeo Diet

Everybody’s something-free these days: gluten-free, dairy-free, tree nut-free and more. We know so much more about how our marvelous bodies work than ever before, and we know what fuel they need to function optimally. Now that it’s rodeo time, let’s remember that it’s ok to be fried-twinkie free, or cotton-candy-free, but some foods are sacred […]

Put Some Spring in Your Text

We’ve been knee deep in baseball books this past year, and aside from interactions with the charming authors and a new understanding of America’s favorite pastime, what has been most delightful is discovering the richness of baseball language. Old-fashioned, descriptive, passionate and creative, baseball terminology presents a verbal feast unmatched by any industry accessible to […]