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¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

By Sara Boyle, intern Hola and happy Cinco de Mayo! Everyone knows that Cinco de Mayo is an excuse for Americans to drink margaritas and indulge in too much queso. What one may not know is the history behind the day: it celebrates Mexico’s unlikely victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, […]

How to Learn History

By Sara Boyle, intern As an English major and humanities nerd, I am fascinated by history. It was never my favorite subject in school because I had trouble putting the sequences of events we were taught into relevant context. However, in recent years, through documentaries, plays, and historical fiction novels, I have discovered that I love […]

An Easter Feast!

By Amanada Barsky, intern Easter is coming, and for some, that means a religious holiday. But no matter what your religion, Easter is a celebration of spring and renewal, a time where everyone can gather with family and enjoy the flowers, food, and sunshine.

Rodeo Reads

By Sara Boyle, intern March in Houston means two things: spring break and rodeo season. During a week-long break from classes, what better to do than gorge yourself on barbecue or take in some mutton bustin? This week as you and your family partake in the festivities, read one of these picture books celebrating the spirit […]

Saucy Spring Cocktails

By Kyndall Krist, intern Spring is around the corner, which means warmer temperatures, blossoming flowers, and new life all around us. It’s also a time of year that many of us enjoy relaxing outside on the patio with a refreshing drink. Along with a variety of delicious food recipes, The Sauce: A Celebration of the Flavor […]

All in the Family

By Sara Boyle, intern I love a good family story. Maybe because it checks all the boxes that grab a reader: true grit, fascinating characters, and thrilling plotlines. The storyteller in me not only loves finding out more about where my family came from, but hearing about other people’s roots as well. Growing up with my Irish father and southern Jewish mother, I […]

Trolls and Fairies and Sticky Toffee Pudding, Oh My!

By Kyndall Krist, intern Fairy tales often ignite our imaginations while also teaching valuable lessons. Thistle Downe follows the enchanting story of Tyson, a young troll, in his quest to overcome the hardships of his early life in order to better himself and to be with his love, a fairy named Amelia. Set in Scotland’s Orkney […]

To Love or Not to Love?

By Casey Froehlich, intern Many magazines and self-help books will claim that they can give you a guaranteed, step-by-step plan to make any man fall in love with you. They want you to believe that love is simple, and that you are the only one who doesn’t know embarrassingly obvious secret to romantic bliss. You might […]

Cook up a Super Bowl Fiesta

By Kyndall Krist, intern Let’s face it, the Texans didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some delicious Tex-Mex to your Super Bowl party this year. Whether you want to spice it up with some salsa or cool down with a margarita, Elizabeth Stone’s An Invitation to Entertain: Recipes […]

Moments that Matter

By Kate Sanford, intern When we have indescribable moments, moments we want to wrap up and save for later but just aren’t sure how, photography can be a trusty, though tricky, tool to use. Capturing the emotion of the moment—a live, experiential moment—on a rectangular, two-dimensional piece of paper is difficult. No one knows this better […]