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Keep Calm and Carry On!

By Jessica Hardman, Intern For mothers, “back to school” is a phrase that is cringe-worthy. Between hitting the stores for school supplies, groceries and weekly dinners, mothers often find very little time to breathe. Luckily, Elizabeth Irvine has been through it all and shares her meditation and relaxation techniques to help you make it to […]

Finding Your Perfect University

By Abby Runnels, Intern Though it has only been a few short years, it seems like a lifetime ago I was a senior in high school, frantically filling out dozens of forms and writing short essays, all for some imposing figure with glasses and an intimidating grimace to read and decide my fate. Though the […]

Wholly Moley

By Patrick Larose, Intern Summer’s here and if you’re like me, you’ll be outside on the grill. Whether you prefer keeping with the summer classics of hamburgers and hotdogs or going southern with traditional barbeque of brisket and pulled pork, you’ll still probably find yourself fighting with that Texas heat. So why not fight back […]

A Radioactive Read

By Casey Froehlich, Intern The accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on April 26, 1986, has come to be known as the worst of its kind in recorded history. As tragic as the event was, how often do we stop to consider how many young children were forced to struggle through such an adult […]

‘Twas the night before Christmas in July

By Lawson Gow, author of Silly Shoes: Poems to Make You Smile   ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; But this year was different, and I’ll tell you why: This year we had Christmas smack dab in July!


By Annie Gallay, Intern We all know that the “the pen is mightier than the sword.” But when it comes to reading, is the page mightier than the screen? For some, eBooks have revolutionized reading, making it much more convenient to carry and store full libraries. For others, eBooks have tarnished reading, removing the tactile […]

Illuminating History

By Annie Gallay, Intern As the Fourth of July nears, I have to make a confession that will no doubt reveal I’m an amateur American: When I was a child, I failed to grasp the gravity of the Declaration of Independence. I noted it for one reason and one reason only: John Hancock’s sprawling, splashy […]

Heading Up Confidence

By Morgan Dickson, Intern Have you ever wanted something but felt that it was just out of your reach? That’s the case for Max Speyer as he prepares to start as lacrosse goalie in Head Case and it was certainly the case for me as I trained to participate in a bike race last year.

What I have learned at Bright Sky Press

By Courtney Applewhite, Publishing Assistant Fourteen months ago—my first month as an intern—I slaved over a 300-word blog for two days before it was submitted. Google showed me, “How to Write a Blog” and “Catchy Openings for Your Blog” that did nothing but increase my nerves. Fast-forward to today, I may open Google to check […]

Magic, Munchies, and More—
What Are You Waiting For?

By Lillian Chen, Intern Assistant June is quickly approaching and with that comes sounds of freedom and crashing waves, the smell of hamburgers and barbecue, and the cool taste of ice cream and dripping popsicles. What else than SUMMER can excite a child more?