Big Talking

It just stands to reason that the state with the tallest tales should have the most engaging expressions. Texas diction is chock full of wit and whimsy, valuable advice and truisms. Whether you want to cook up a whopper, shoot straight or never say pea turkey about nothin’, you can find a delightful expression for every occasion in this great state. If you enjoy a fine—or fun—turn of phrase, there are Texas sayings that will have you grinning like a calf eating cockleburs. You’ll never have to mince words again.

FROG STRANGLER: a large amount of rain in a short time
DOODLEBUG: a fake instrument for finding oil
HORNSWAGGLED: bamboozled
NOODLERS: people who catch their catfish by hand

Remember: never ask a man if he’s a Texan. If he is, he will tell you. If he isn’t, don’t embarrass him.

For more fine phrasing, check out Texas Sayings and Folklore, a rich treasury of expressions collected by Dr. Mavis P. Kelsey over his more than 100 years on this planet.

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