Star Gazing

By Karin Keller, intern

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of stars. I grew up reading stories and watching movies of heroes going on epic quests and the stars always seemed to play an important part. Namely in Disney’s Hercules which is perhaps my favorite Disney Movie— probably because I’m a huge mythology nerd, not to mention there’s a flying horse who was literally made out of a cloud from Olympus (even if you don’t like the movie you’ve got to admit that’s super cool). In Hercules, the stars tell stories, they immortalize heroes in the sky forever. And although I don’t necessarily want to see myself in the stars like Hercules does, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t very much like to see the stars as they are.

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National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month – Celebrate and Learn through Remembering What Matters

By Mai Nguyen, intern

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and while most of us are aware of this tragic disease, our knowledge of it really only scratches the surface of what all it entails. Author Suzy LaForge recognized this through her own experience with her mother and her involvement with Amazing Place, and wanted to educate people on not just the disease, but on how it affects those who have it. The result was Remembering What Matters, a beautiful collection of stories from Alzheimer’s or dementia patients.

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H is for “Howdy.” It’s how we say hello!

By Kaitlin Trahan, intern

Anyone that has been to Texas knows that this state has a distinct culture and sense of pride that sets it apart from the others. Urban and rural areas are immersed in a southern way of living with a deep affinity for our history. In elementary and intermediate school, children take classes to learn about our state’s symbols and heritage. With that in mind, H is for Howdy and Other Lone Star Letters is a great introduction for the littlest Texan to learn about our culture, history, and a new spin on the alphabet at an early age.

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It’s the beginning of November. Do you know what YOU’RE doing for the holidays?

If that question makes your stomach clench and your hands clammy with the thought of hosting another party for your family and friends, have no fear! Bright Sky Press has the answer for you. Invitation to Entertain has everything you need to host your Thanksgiving or holiday dinners, as well as that New Year’s Eve party and any other occasion beyond, from casual ladies’ get-togethers to more formal family celebrations.

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Treat Her Like a Princess

By Karin Keller, intern

Cancer seems to be a topic that makes everyone a little uncomfortable, and maybe it should. It’s one of the only common diseases that we don’t have a sure fire cure for. There are plenty of treatments and trials being offered but even those processes are long and unforgiving. The seemingly worst thing about cancer is that it has no prejudices; it doesn’t care whether you’re a child or a philanthropist or a criminal. This is precisely why Breast Cancer Awareness (well, any kind of cancer really) is so important, it effects all of us, and if it hasn’t already it could.

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And They Returned…

By Michelle Melgar and Karin Keller, interns

The Philippines has had a long history of occupations, wars, and foreign influences. This month we’re celebrating Filipino-American History month which was officially recognized by the United States House of Representatives and Senate in November 2009. Similarly to many other ethnicity history months, the purpose is to spread awareness as well as celebrate an often marginalized group.

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Teachers: Today We’re Celebrating You! October 5, 2016

A good teacher can be one of the most influential people in your life. It’s a profession that doesn’t get nearly enough recognition and is often perceived as a backup plan for someone who couldn’t succeed in their given field. However, being a good teacher can be more rewarding than any other job— teachers get to influence minds and souls, they can give kids something to believe in and look forward to. So today, we’re honoring teachers. October 5 is World Teacher’s Day, celebrating the role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels

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Three Cheers (and Recipes) for Fall!

By Kaitlin Trahan, intern

“That old September feeling, left over from school days, of summer passing, vacation nearly done, obligations gathering, books and football in the air … Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee in that annual autumnal beginning, as if last year’s mistakes had been wiped clean by summer.” – Wallace Stegner

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The Importance of Youth Sports

By Josh McCormack, intern

As soon as I could walk, my Dad had me in skates and on the ice at our local hockey rink in central Florida. From that time on played almost every sport under the sun. While my love of sports didn’t stick, having joined my high school’s newspaper my freshmen year, organized sports helped to mold me into the person I am today. I wholeheartedly believe that sports are significantly important to young people and their development.

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A Day to Appreciate the Fruit of Your Labor

By Taelor Marquetti, intern

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life
– Confucius

With Labor Day, and my last day at Bright Sky Press, approaching, I’ve been thinking about the quality of my work. During my time here, I have been intimately involved in the publishing process: something I’ve always dreamed about. The publishing process can be extensive: from book proposals to editing, to design and printing. While things can get busy in a publishing house, nothing is more rewarding than knowing that the work we do is meaningful.

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