Caps off to you!

By Leo Bulaev, intern

Graduation is upon us, whether it be from high school or college, it is certainly a huge life milestone for many students For those graduates who may be pondering the path forward, here are three books that are perfect for the class of 2016, no matter the age. Whether they are contemplating what to major in or what the next steps will be in their budding career, these three books are sure to inspire.

HOW_ACT_cvrA simple, entertaining, and often humorous book, How Important People Act by Chase Untermeyer is a necessary read for anyone seeking to fill an important role. Not to be mistaken for a book on proper etiquette, How Important People Act ultimately teaches how to easily and comfortably deal with business and life functions. Through a series of anecdotes about various politicians, Utermeyer describes how to properly act and appear in the role you are expected to perform. Utermeyer uses his diverse prestigious experiences from his time as a Texas state legislature, port commissioner, assistant secretary of the Navy in the Pentagon, senior aide to the first President Bush, director of the Voice of America, and United States ambassador in Qatar to coach the reader on how important people act.

Tale3Ships_cvrThe second is A Tale of Three Ships by Dwight Edwards. Using the metaphor of Christopher Columbus and his three ships, Edwards crafts a parable on the three directions every person’s life may take. The sinking ship—a life solely focused on survival, the cruise ship—a life focused on enjoyment, and the battleship—a life focused on the pursuit of an extraordinary personal dream. Whatever boat you may find yourself in, know that you have the freedom and privilege to decide on remaining in that boat.

HornsBull_cvrThe third book is Horns by the Bull by Rick Baty. Prodded by the bull more than once, Baty provides a reflective narrative filled with life lessons that he picked up in the uncertain adventure deemed “life.” His book gives an optimistic perspective on various situations—a perspective that is granted through retrospection and acceptance. We can learn a lot from his mistakes and the different paths he took to improve himself. An interesting and humbling read this book provides insight and inspiration for anyone struggling with the daily grind or any other life hurdles. Baty invites you to examine your life and to see if the bull has you, or if you have the bull.

Congratulations class of 2016!

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