Douwlina – A Rhino’s Story

When you do the same thing every day, it’s easy to forget what the big picture looks like. The result you’re striving for starts to fade into the everyday details, and you’re suddenly bogged down by things that seem meaningless. Reminders of what it’s all for, of what that big picture looks like, are always welcome. We recently had one of these encouraging moments when author Grace Borgeson shared the following story with us.

Grace, author of the award-winning children’s book Douwlina: A Rhino Story, attended a wine auction in South Africa that was raising money to help stop rhino poaching. Arriving at the auction as a guest, she brought one book with her, which she offered to the auctioneer with the hopes of contributing, if even just a little.

The book was the last item auctioned following an array of wonderful items, including a coffee table book by one of Africa’s leading conservationist that went for $250. Grace came on stage to say a few words about Douwlina, the small but powerful children’s story, and told the audience that she wrote the book with the intention of touching the hearts of all who read it and inspiring readers with the message that God takes care of his creations.

Douwlina_cvrGrace sat down, and the bidding began. In awe, she watched as the price for Douwlina continued to rise, surpassing some of the most expensive items on the list. The final bid for the book was $600, the second highest price that night.

Following the auction, the director of eco-training approached Grace and invited her to attend an upcoming program for a visiting Chinese delegation, yet another opportunity to spread the message of Douwlina. The program, though held in South Africa at Kruger Park, will send Douwlina’s story and the intentions of those fighting against Rhino poaching all the way to China.

Grace’s little book is doing big things by planting the seeds of Douwlina’s message around the world. Though poaching endangered species continues to be a big issue, Grace and Douwlina are doing their best to stop it—and if you open the colorful pages of this book, you’ll want to, as well.