Q Where is Bright Sky?

Bright Sky is above the restaurant Little Liverty in Rice Village. From our windows we see Rice University, British Isles, Hungry’s Restaurant and Christ the King Lutheran Church. The Village is a great neighborhood for shopping, eating, people-watching and discussing books over coffee.

Q Do you sell books?

We keep an inventory of all of our titles at our office, and we are always happy to sell them to friends who stop by. We offer the same discount as we provide on our website, which is usually 30% but changes with seasonal promotions.

Q How do you decide which books to publish?

We publish nine loose genres that you can see in our catalog. We study a proposal to see if the subject appeals to us, if the author has a strong platform or is motivated to create one, and if a market exists for the book. Mainly, we decide if we’re excited about working on the project. We publish fifteen to twenty books to the trade each year, in addition to creating private books.

Q How do I submit a book to you?

You can find submission guidelines here. We mean it when we say we read everything, and it does take longer than you would like. We believe open submissions are important, and we’re constantly trying to improve the process.

Q Why should I publish with you when I could do it myself and make more money?

Maybe you shouldn’t. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of each publishing model available today. Our program is good for authors who want the synergy of working with like-minded, experienced people. We provide marketing and distribution opportunities that allow our authors to focus on their writing, increase their own platform building and keep their day job.

Q What are your favorite books?

It’s hard to pick favorites. Our staff currently consists of six women with unique gifts and a shared love of books. We’re a more diverse group in our interests than our list can reflect. You can follow us on Facebook to learn more about who we are.

Q What are your goals for your books?

We desire to provide our community with access to full-service publishing and books of the highest editorial and design quality. We want our books to expand the reach of our authors’ messages, be readily available in stores and online and gain increased visibility through publicity and marketing. We see our books as a tool a motivated author can use to move closer to his or her goals. How much impact an individual book makes depends on a multitude of factors: subject, author, package, visibility, timing, luck. Our goal is to create books with integrity of message and design and support them as far and as long as they provide value.

Q Do you provide editorial services?

When we decide to publish a book under the Bright Sky or Radiant Star brand, we provide as much editorial help as we believe is needed. So many people have expressed interest in obtaining our editorial and design services a la carte that we have created another company, Rule 2 Books, to handle those requests. For more information, please call our office 713-533-9300 or email editors@brightskypress.com.

Q What is Radiant Star?

Radiant Star is an imprint of Bright Sky. It publishes traditionally Christian titles. Spiritual titles from other faiths or philosophies or about comparative religion are published under the general Bright Sky brand. Bright Sky is a big tent, but we respect the uniqueness of all faith traditions.

Q Do you only publish books about Texas?

No. We publish books by Texans and books that would be interesting to Texans. When we first came to Bright Sky, it was located in West Texas and had a traditional Texana brand. We realized that while we take pride in that part of our heritage, we are big city Texans. Despite the myths about our state and the way some of our politicians behave, it is a diverse, open place with a wide variety of cultural riches and great stories. Yes, we love boots and barbecue, but there is much more we want to share with the world.

Q I am self publishing, but I need a jacket. Can you make me one?

We cannot make you a jacket, but our sister company, Rule 2 Books, provides all of our quality design services a la carte.

Q Do I need a website to be a successful author?

Yes. To be a successful author today, you need to be present in the marketplace, which is increasingly electronic. You need a website with clear language and clean design that expresses who you are and why a reader wants your book. You need to be on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and/or any other social media service that lets your audience discover you. Without these outlets for your message, even the best publisher has very few ways to share its excitement about your book.

Q If you publish my book, will you make me a website?

No. Your website is part of your personal platform, what makes you publishable in the first place. The tools to make a quality website are very accessible. If you don’t believe you have the interest or design skills to do a good job with your site, you should hire someone to do it. While young relatives are often touted as good sources for website creation, it takes a special young relative to produce a website as professional as you need to be taken seriously in the marketplace. Whether we publish you, you publish through Rule 2 Books or you self publish, you can get a bid for a website through Rule 2 Books.

Q How do I contact you?

If you have a submission, please follow our submission guidelines. If you would like to support independent publishing and authors, you can buy books here or in bookstores. If you have general questions not answered here, you can call 713.533.9300 Monday through Thursday or send an email to editors@brightskypress.com.