Finding the Right Fit for U

By Amanda Barsky, intern

Summer always seems to pass too quickly. As usual, it’s about that time where we have to trade in our vacations and lazy afternoons by the pool for school supplies and a studious attitude. And for this year’s high school seniors, that includes picking the perfect college, which sounds a lot easier than it really is.

Within the next few months, seniors will be writing college essays, filling out applications, and sending resumes and grades to universities all over the country, with the goal that by this time next year, they’ll be getting ready to go off to a school that they love, and most importantly, a school that’s the right fit.

So how do you determine the right fit? A school that’s perfect for your best friend might not be the best college for you. Luckily, Bright Sky Press can help you figure it out! Katrin Muir Lau and Judith Widener Muir are a mother-daughter team and co-authors of Finding Your U: Navigating the College Admission Process, a comprehensive guide to finding a school that’s perfect for you.

FindingU_cvrFinding Your U helps students to establish the factors that are important to them in selecting the right college. It might be distance from home, class size, climate, extracurricular activities, urban life, or all the above. Using these criteria, Muir and Lau make the admissions process easier by helping students focus on what is right for them. According to Lau and Muir, “Fit is intangible. It is very personal. It will feel right. It may wrap around the environment, facilities, professors, or students. You will know when you have found it.”

The college admissions process can be extremely stressful, and for the rising high school seniors, it is only beginning. But it’s important to remember that picking the right school isn’t about selectivity or where your friends go. It’s about having the best college experience possible tinkered to you. And by defining what it is that each person is looking for, Finding Your U helps students ensure that their time in college is everything they hoped it would be.

Whether you are a high school senior, the parent of one, or even a younger student, Finding Your U is an excellent resource for finding a university that is the right fit, because, as they say, it’s never too early to start preparing for college!