From Student to Teacher

By Eva Freeburn

I first came to Bright Sky Press as an intern in my last year at the University of Houston, then I became Publishing Assistant and finally PR Director. I remember how nervous I was to be interviewed, how vulnerable I felt—after all, I was leaving the cocoon of living life by semesters and syllabi, where I was still safe from real life, to join the glamorous, bustling world of editors and books. In my head it was something like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, minus the big hair, the bunny, and Michael Douglas. I was wrong—about all of it—especially in my definition of glamour.

This job is a handful of women with kids and families, with lives outside of work, with extracurricular activities, house repairs to schedule and supervise, women with doctor appointments and vet visits juggling work and home and school and meeting PTA volunteer requirement hours and still making it home in time to cook dinner, watch their kid’s game and read them a bed time story. But most of all, this job is a handful of women with a passion for the work they are doing—women who share a vision, work well together and independently, and who aren’t afraid to laugh, or cry, or even hug when necessary. And all of that, is pretty badass. Even glamorous I’d say. I’ve had more life experiences during my time at Bright Sky Press than anywhere else. The glamour isn’t limited to just the office, it’s in all the authors we have as well—the value they’re adding to the world—the value I’ve taken from my time spent with each of them. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of Houston’s greatest community leaders. I’ve eaten some of Houston’s best food from its best chefs and restauranteurs. I’ve traveled. I’ve read amazing stories from amazing storytellers. I’ve made lifelong friends. And I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to learn along the way from some of the greatest mentors I’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing. Of everything about this place and the people, I think what I’ll miss most is the laughter I’ve shared with you all (and maybe the cocktails, too). I walked through the doors at Bright Sky a student, green and eager to learn—and now I leave carrying everything I’ve learned from every one of you who has touched me—in hopes that I’m lucky enough to make a difference in someone’s life the way you all have made a difference in mine, as a teacher.