Holiday Cheer!

By Ashton Haq and Karin Keller, interns

The holidays are coming up, and no matter what holiday you celebrate, there is an undeniable sense of magic in the air as people enjoy the cold weather, sip hot chocolate, and enjoy the spellbinding glow of fairy lights hung up around their neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, some people often find it difficult to be excited about the holidays, especially if they are stressed due to finals or fast approaching deadlines which always coincide with the holiday season. If you notice that you’re lacking in festivity, take a break from whatever is wearing you down— light your tree and enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate while reading a lighthearted Christmas book.

One of my favorite new holiday reads is Dee Maner’s beautifully illustrated children’s book Artie: The First Artificial Christmas Tree. This book follows the story of an artificial Christmas tree who is bought by a family who chose not to buy an Evergreen. The tree, Artie, now has to help the children rise above their initial disappointment, while facing his own insecurities, and show them how to appreciate life using the power of his Christmas spirit.

Similarly, The Magic Gingerbread House by Pam Franks is a delightful new story that can be enjoyed by children of any age. Inspired by her own family’s thirty-year-old tradition, Mrs. Franks writes about how a pair of sisters build a gingerbread house and begin receiving letters from elves who say they inhabit the house at night. With the help of the elves, the girls reach out to a shy new student in their classroom. Eventually the three friends learn that there are limitations to what Santa can bring, however, there is always something to be grateful for. It’s not the number of the gifts you receive, or the value they add up to, it’s about being grateful for all of the wonderful things you’ve been given despite it all.

These Christmas stories are perfect for readers of all ages— teaching them the art of giving and how the most precious gift you can deliver is making someone feel welcome.

Heartwarming and full of joy, these books can put anyone in the holiday spirit during the holiday season and are sure to make it on your favorites list!

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