Houston Baseball

It’s the middle of baseball season and fans are lathered in sunscreen and sporting sunglasses to support their favorite team. Devotees of the sport are betting against each other, trying to predict outcomes, while less enthusiastic watchers made it a day-outing for some fun entertainment. But for the baseball fanatics and the casual viewer alike, it’s always fun to hear a bit of backstory on who the players were before they hit the big league.

HoustonBaseball_cvrBefore “Ducky” Medwick was a household name in the 1940’s, he was just a left fielder for the Houston Buffaloes known by his birth name, Joe. However, on July 24,1931, a female Buffs fan wrote to sports columnist Lloyd Gregory of the Houston Post-Dispatch to let him know that she had decided to call him Joe “Ducky” Medwick because, as she stated, “He walked like a duck.” Gregory conceded with the woman’s observations and referred to Medwick as “Ducky” in his daily column, “Looking ‘Em Over.” Use of the nickname spread from there and included the sales of candy called Duckie Wuckie Bars that proved quite popular at the ballpark. In spite of how much he detested the moniker, by the time the young ballplayer left Houston for St. Louis, he was stuck with “Ducky” Medwick for life.

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