Houston, Horses & Horseshoes!

By Nina Kim, Intern

Since its establishment, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been among Texas’ most notable events as well as a time of bonding for all Texans. With the Rodeo comes the promise of live entertainment and fun for children and adults alike.

If you are feeling pangs of loss now that the Houston Rodeo has left town, enjoy this rodeo-inspired art project with your child! Easy to create and fun to do, construction paper horseshoes will be a creative way to remember an exciting rodeo visit until next year!

Several of the most popular rodeo events are centered on horses. While the horse sales garner attention from avid horse breeders, it’s the horse shows that spark competitiveness in both the riders and the audience. Encourage your child’s Rodeo enthusiasm with this fun craft!


What you need:
Gather multi-colored construction paper, a pencil, markers, a pair of safety scissors and a lot of colorful decorations to get started.

DesertDaysNights_cvrWhat to do:
The first step is to outline your horseshoe on a piece of construction paper. Have your child draw the horseshoe in the shape and design they want. After drawing the outline, supervise your child as they cut the horseshoe out or do it yourself!

Now that the base is done, the horseshoe can be decorated as desired. It can be colored in or decorated with anything from stickers to glitter!

WildwestTrail_cvrThe paper horseshoes can be used as room or table decoration, so there are a few optional add-ons. If your child wants to hang their finished piece on a wall, a nice added touch is gluing confetti or streamers to the horseshoe. Another creative twist could be to (carefully!) coat the paper horseshoe with foil in order to give it a more realistic appearance, and then decorate. If you do not want to use foil for safety reasons, silver glitter is a shining alternative!

What they learn:
This project encourages creativity and is an opportunity to talk about their favorite memories of the rodeo. What did they learn at the Houston Rodeo? What are they most looking forward to next year?


Make crafts part of your Rodeo tradition every year! For other western activities, check out Wild West Trail Ride Maze and Desert Days, Desert Nights by Roxie Munro!

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