Keep Calm and Carry On!

By Jessica Hardman, Intern

For mothers, “back to school” is a phrase that is cringe-worthy. Between hitting the stores for school supplies, groceries and weekly dinners, mothers often find very little time to breathe. Luckily, Elizabeth Irvine has been through it all and shares her meditation and relaxation techniques to help you make it to summer vacation!

momentsPeace_cvrA Moment’s Peace: A Mom’s Guide to Creating Calm Amidst Chaos is full of practical meditative techniques for even the busiest of moms. Elizabeth’s advice is by no means limited to learning breathing techniques and daily routines, she openly reassures us that expelling negativity from our brain is as contagious as positive thoughts. “One way to remedy your own negativity is to spend time with positive people; besides being fun to be around, their way of being is catching.”  Surround yourself with positivity when you’re feeling down and overwhelmed instead of suffering from unnecessary stress.

Elizabeth points out how stressed moms will compare themselves to the “other moms” out there who are seemingly perfect at doing everything we think we’re not doing well. This belief is definitely not limited to moms. Why is it that we believe that there’s someone out there doing what we do, better than we’re doing it? This one, self-sabotaging thought infects the next, keeping us all in that negative state of mind. Elizabeth calls this the “Treadmill of Pessimism.” Mothers or not, it’s important for everyone to realize that the treadmill of pessimism is a counter-productive habit that we all develop at one time or another. However, it is a habit we must eliminate. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck on that horrible treadmill with nowhere to go.

Every mother knows that inner peace is a must for day-to-day life, and through the pages of this guide we’ll accomplish just that. A Moment’s Peace: A Mom’s Guide to Creating Calm Amidst Chaos reminds us all to not be ashamed of being stressed, no matter the cause, and to move on with our heads held high.

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