Big Bend Review in Texas Review of Books

Texas’ Wilderness Magnified
Review by Yves Laberge

This big coffee-table book made with about 200 full-page color photographs is presented as the first book to capture simultaneously the entire region of far West Texas nearing the Mexican Border, including Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, historic towns like Alpine, Marfa, Terlingua, and Marathon, and the vast territory sweeping between the Pecos and the Rio Grande (5).

The entire book succeeds in capturing the quintessence of the mythic American West: its endless landscapes, impressive mountains, the immense desert, and countless old roads. The author presents his photographic vision of Big Bend as “the Texas of the movies – what a lot of people who have never been to Texas expect the most of the state to look like” (192).

In his Foreword, Bill Wright accurately mentions that he used to link these Texan landscapes with the stories written by Edgar Rice Burroughs (7).

Marvins, Michael H., Roy Flukinger, and Bill Wright. Texas’ Big Bend: A Photographic Adventure from the Pecos to the Rio Grande. Houston: Bright Sky Press, 2009. 207 pp. Photographs. Maps. Cloth.

ISBN 978-1-933979-49-6