“Oobleck, Slime & Dancing Spaghetti”

By Akshaya Iyer, intern

As back-to-school preparations rear their ugly head, you might find your little one suffering from a serious case of the mid-school year blues. It’s that unnecessary and unfulfilling period of the year that just draws out- not quite exciting and fresh like the fall and not nearly as fantastic as the end of spring, as summer draws near. With Christmas over, and Science Fair around the corner, keeping your child’s attention and interest is a tough job.

oobleck_cvrDon’t fret; we’ve got you covered. Jennifer Williams’ Oobleck, Slime & Dancing Spaghetti will give you a way to awaken the scientist in your kid! Containing twenty fabulous experiments to perform at home with your child, this tome draws inspiration from some of the most timeless and dear children’s books ever written and serves up a platter of pure, unadulterated fun for you and your youngster to enjoy. Boil up a witches’ brew, snack on magic cookies, and create something slimy. Dive into the fantasy lands of Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl; treat your child to an exciting (and shhhh- educational!) adventure, a medley of literature and science that will spark the imagination, sending your kids careening into those magical picture books they love so much.

Prepare to make a laboratory out of your kitchen and home—and don’t forget those white lab coats!

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