Open Hands, Open Heart

By Akshaya Iyer

It’s November and Thanksgiving is drawing near. The foliage is speckled with crimson and yellow, there’s a crisp chill in the air, and we’re bundling up in sweaters and scarves to protect ourselves from the frigid cold. The year is almost over and it shows.

Family begins arriving from out of town. Suddenly, the house is crammed with people- uncles and aunts fussing over you, nosy cousins gossiping wickedly and nieces and nephews jumping on couches and sending your cushions flying. The football game, loud and jarring, acts as the soundtrack.

You might find yourself questioning the true meaning of this hectic holiday. We suggest taking a step back, finding a cozy little corner and picking up Open Hands: Lessons on Giving and Receiving.

OpenHands_cvrOpen Hands, by Jana Mullins, takes us through forty-five different inspirational anecdotes. These short stories give us a glimpse of the compassion that we so rarely see on a day-to-day basis. Read about the lives of people just like us and how they were so beautifully affected by random acts of kindness. You’ll remember that generosity can be elusive, but even when showcased in the littlest of things- a gesture, or just a few words of praise- is appreciated and welcomed by those on the receiving end. You’ll remember what Thanksgiving is all about! These raw and moving narratives inspire us to step away from the cynicism of the modern world and thank our lucky stars for all that we are given and all that we plan to give.

Jana Mullins’ collection of true stories reminds us that giving can almost always be better than receiving. Mullins’ gift to us is this book itself and we promise you won’t be able to set this one down. But once you’re through, who knows? You may find yourself rejoining the festivities with an open mind and an open heart!

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