A Tale of Three Ships

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Dwight Edwards
2-color illustrations

A Tale of Three Ships is an extended parable about the three possible directions every person’s life may take. Using the metaphor of Columbus’ ships, Edwards explains that each of us will take one of three possible approaches to life: the sinking ship of personal survival, the cruise ship of unbridled enjoyment, or the battleship of meaningful influence. Edwards inspires readers to board the ship that will carry them to a fulfilling life.

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About the Author

Dwight Edwards is the author of Revolution Within and Releasing the Rivers Within. A pastor and professional tennis player, he is co-founder of NovaQuest, a company dedicated to helping individuals and groups to attain peak performance. He speaks widely at universities, schools and businesses, and he writes a bi-weekly email motivational series entitled “High Octane for the Mind.” Dwight and his wife Lauri live in Houston, Texas.