And They Returned

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Evelyn Chapman Castillo

Memories and family stories weave together to provide a personal understanding of the WWII Japanese invasion and occupation of the Philippines. Married at age twelve to a thirty-year-old American, Hipolita bore nine children before her husband’s death. Her youngest daughter chronicles the atrocities of war, the surprising skills needed to survive, and the unlikely love that created a family strong enough to come through each devastating turn of the war. Hipolita and her family returned and rebuilt, an iconic example of the strength of family to overcome even the most desperate times.

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About the Author

The wife of the late Leonel J. Castillo, one of the co-founders of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Houston International University, Castillo survived the Japanese occupation of the Philippine Islands during WWII. She lives in Houston, Texas, and spends her time with her children and nine grandchildren.