Baxter Barret Brown’s Cowboy Band

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Tim A. McKenzie
Illustrations by Elaine Atkinson
4-color illustrations

Author and musician Tim McKenzie's Baxter Barret Brown's Bass Fiddle illustrates the bond between musicians and their instruments and includes a CD of bass fiddle tunes. Baxter Barret Brown’s Cowboy Band takes Baxter and his bass fiddle to the ranch where Baxter helps out the musical cowboys he finds there. It includes six new Cowboy Band songs and a song sheet so young readers can sing along. Both books provide a foot-stomping good time.

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About the Author

Playing bass with the Texas-based acoustic trio Blue Prairie, Tim McKenzie has opened for such artists as Asleep At The Wheel, Michael Martin Murphy and Jerry Jeff Walker. Tim’s first book, Baxter Barret Brown’s Bass Fiddle was published in 2004.