Before a Canyon

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Jeremy Tucker

Set in the Phoenix barrio, his memoir of one teacher’s life-altering relationship with a student focuses on the surprising ability of real friendship to bridge even the widest differences. Jeremy Tucker taught fourth through sixth grade students as a Teach for America Corps member. Though brain-cancer has changed Jeremy’s career path, he continues to give children non-judgmental understanding and support through tutoring.

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About the Author

Each of us has a gift, a combination of ability and passion that resonates to our core. Some of us are born knowing our gift, others spend a lifetime looking for it. Jeremy Tucker was lucky enough to discover his gift early on. Put here to use his deep compassion and intellect to help underserved children, he began volunteering as a teenager. He joined the Teach for America Corps to work in Phoenix with one of America’s neediest communities. His goal at Harvard Medical School was to become a doctor to bring healing on every level into these communities.