David Crockett in Congress

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James R. Boylston & Allen J. Weiner
16 full color photographs

David Crockett in Congress is the first book to provide a full and accurate portrait of this American legend. Throughout his masterful campaign and his career in office, Crockett remained an advocate for the poor. With well-publicized writings and never before published documents, David Crockett in Congress is an insightful and provocative addition to any historical collection.

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About the Author

James R. Boylston is a member of the Alamo Society, the Alamo Battlefield Association, and has contributed important articles to the Alamo Journal and the Crockett Chronicle. He is also the creator and moderator of the Alamo Studies online forum (, a web based discussion group devoted to the serious study of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution. A songwriter and audio engineer, he has had a life-long interest in the Alamo and David Crockett. He lives in Orlando, Florida.

Allen J. Weiner is the author of The Beatles: The Ultimate Recording Guide and co-author of The Music of the Alamo. He has written for The Washington Post, People, American History, The Alamo Journal, Western Clippings, Goldmine and Discoveries. He lives in Potomac, Maryland.

James R. Boylston and Allen Wiener have done a masterful job of recovering the real David Crockett, a figure of enormous historical significance in the tumultuous and critical Jacksonian age.” — Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize winning author of American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House

“Davis Crockett in Congress is a book that anyone interested in Crockett would want to read. More, it is a book that any political junkie and anyone interested in American history during the Age of Jackson would find valuable.” — Mark Lardas, Galveston Daily News