Historic Houston Streets

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Expanded Edition

Marks Hinton

Marks Hinton, the “Street Whisperer,” has expanded and updated his popular Historic Houston Streets to include all of Houston’s surrounding counties. Interesting stories about the people who walked these paths before us emerge from the names they gave our roads. Intriguing history is woven into the tangled web of streets we drive on every day.

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About the Author

Avid historian Marks Hinton says, “I undoubtedly know more about this area’s streets than anyone on the planet with the possible exception of Jerry Wood (former Deputy Assistant Director of Planning & Development for twenty-five years) and John Raia (who had the same job for fifty-five years).” Known in the media by the nickname “Street Whisperer,” Marks is the first person called or emailed by citizens, librarians and media who want to know about the history of local streets. Marks and Historic Houston Streets have been featured in numerous articles.