Journaling Through: Unleashing the Power of the Authentic Self

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Angela H. Caughlin

The approximately 60,000 thoughts we have each day are carried throughout our body by the chemicals they create. As we journal we unearth and examine old beliefs and memories. Our minds create new thoughts, we reinterpret ourselves according to those thoughts, and history no longer repeats itself in our lives. Journaling Through brings these powerful forces for personal change together in one fascinating workbook.

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About the Author

Angela Caughlin, LCSW is a life coach, psychotherapist, author and frequent work-shop and conference presenter. Angela’s expertise is in helping individuals and organizations to manage change, particularly as a result of loss. Angela frequently leads workshops incorporating the principles and benefits of journaling and intention setting as powerful tools for navigating change in one’s personal or business life. For more information about her work, see her website