Live Wires

Neuro-Parenting to Ignite Your Teen's Brain. Insulating you Child Against College Frenzy, Achievement, Mania & Media Explosion

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Judith Widener Muir
Introduction by Gerard Berry, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics
at Harvard Medical School


In Live Wires Judy Muir uses the latest neuroscientific findings to provide a voice of reason in the heated parenting debate. She reminds us that our children are not science projects to manipulate for optimum results. When we understand the real relationship between experience and the brain, we can help teens maximize their potential in today’s competitive world without harming them.

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Judy Muir has over four decades of experience in the educational field. As an educational consultant, she works with college-bound students throughout the world. Muir has worked with many respected independent schools in the Houston area. Muir holds her Ed. M.from Harvard in Mind, Brain and Education, an interdisciplinary program that investigates cognitive development, genetics and neuroscience from infancy through early adulthood and their relationship to learning and education. She uses innovative techniques to help parents and students achieve their educational goals while maintaining healthy, meaningful lives. Muir and her husband Robert live in Houston, Texas, and have three children and eight grandchildren.

Gerard Berry, MD, is director of the Metabolism Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and a Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. One of the nation’s leading specialists in the study and treatment of galactosemia, he is board certified in biochemical genetics, pediatrics and pediatric endocrinology.

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  1. Another parenting book? More pseudo-science to wade through, more statistics to squint at in disbelief? Think again. Lives Wires: Neuro-Parenting to Ignite your Teen’s Brain is not that kind of book. The product of decades of educational experience and years of scientific research, Live Wires is less of a parenting manual and more of a crash course in adolescent neuroscience with a practical bent. It’s a book that knows what it’s talking about and wants to teach you everything it knows.

    There are a number of things that make Live Wires so much more than your typical parenting book. Instead of obliquely mentioning science whenever a point needs to be backed up by a bland “studies show,” the book spends a solid four chapters delving into the inner workings of the teen brain and uses that material to solidly back up the parenting advice found in later sections. Live Wires also represents a refreshing departure from the typical teens-are-alien-mindless-sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll-zombies approach that pervades so much of conventional parenting wisdom. Given the right tools to work with, teens are smart, savvy, and incredibly capable, as the book demonstrates with numerous clear and eloquent essays by teens themselves, detailing memories of important academic and extracurricular experiences. Where other books on parenting miss the mark by being patronizing, alarmist, or just bizarre, Live Wires succeeds. It’s smart, informative, and reasonable, a welcome break from the frenetic despair too often found in its peers.

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