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Nosey Rosey

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Paige Clough

Meet Rosey, an adorable miniature mare who likes to stick her muzzle anywhere—and everywhere—it doesn’t belong! If you’ve got a backpack, a box, or even a pocket, Rosey will dive right in, looking for a treat. But the AMHA World Show is coming up, and Paige has to get Rosey ready for her events. Will Rosey get her nose back in the ring to practice? Or will she just keep on being nosey?

Readers will love this little dapple-grey mini with a giant personality and laugh with Paige as she gently coaxes Rosey into becoming the best little horse she can be.

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About the Author

Paige Clough, author of The Jumping Orie Story, trains miniature horses for local and world level competition and teaches riding and horsemanship to children and adults. She opened the Paloma Trails stables to provide educational opportunities for children. A Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, she works for SIRE, a non-profit therapeutic equestrian center. She lives in Katy, Texas, with her family and her herd of minis.