Revelations in the Rearview Mirror

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Louise Parsley

Fans of Louise Parsley’s columns and conversations count on her to pull the façade off family life and reveal how meaningful, and even marvelous, the truth can be—if you’re willing to leaven it with a laugh. In this collection of essays she covers the career life of a mother. Looking over her shoulder in the rear-view mirror, she can tell you just what worked, and more about what didn’t, as she takes us on her journey through The Holding On Years, The Chauffeur Years and The Letting Go Years, towards earning the big M of Motherhood. Any mother who has simultaneously wept and sent up a hallelujah of relief when her child graduated—from anything—will find a friend in Louise.

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About the Author

Louise Parsley speaks in schools, women’s groups, churches, prisons, organizations that serve the disabled and anywhere people need to laugh and cry about the crazy love that is family.