Smitty Tackles Bullying


Wade Smith & Jayme Lamm
Illustrations by James Little
4-color illustrations

After cultivating a true love of reading, Smitty is excelling both on the field and in class. But when he discovers his best friend is being bullied, Smitty knows he can’t just stand by on the sidelines. Armed with his dad’s sage advice, readers learn alongside Smitty as he addresses bullying head on, and might be surprised at what happens along the way.

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About the Author

Wade Smith, NFL Veteran and Pro Bowler from Dallas, Texas established The Wade Smith Foundation in 2012 to provide community support for youth programs throughout the DFW Metroplex and Greater Houston Areas. “It was an opportunity for me to give back to those people that helped me get where I am in life. I chose literacy and education as major focuses of the foundation because having that groundwork laid and putting emphasis on going to college and getting your degree leads you toward success and being able to do what you want in life.”