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Stephen F. Austin

The Son Becomes Father of Texas

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Mary Dodson Wade
Illustrations by Pat Finney

NStephen F. Austin is known as the Father of Texas. He brought many colonists from the United States, and throughout the revolutionary period, he was a voice for peace and a great support to his fellow Texans. Texas would not have such a rich mix of population today, and might not even be a part of the United States, if it weren’t for Austin’s dedication to his colony.

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About the Author

Mary Dodson Wade, a former educator and librarian, is the author of more than fifty books for children, including Christopher Columbus, Cinco de Mayo, I Am Houston, I’m Going to Texas/Yo Voy a Tejas, President’s Day, C.S. Lewis: The Chronicler of Narnia and Joan Lowery Nixon: Masterful Mystery Writer. She and her husband live in Houston, Texas, and enjoy traveling. Mary has been selected to present her work at the Texas Librarians Association meeting.