The Adventures of Baby Liza, The Tiny Dragon & Ten Tiny Kittens

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Katherine Green
Illustrations by Marla Y. Garcia
4-color illustrations

Baby Liza had heard warnings that a witch lived in the forest, but she thought they were just a joke. How mean of people to call someone a witch just because she has a green face and wears black dresses! But when Baby Liza goes out for a walk and a dry voice invites her in for tea, everything changes. Now Cheesy the tiny dragon and the ten tiny kittens must break the curse that has fallen over Baby Liza. Can Cheesy and the kittens save Baby Liza? Once Cheesy gets their attention, they get serious about helping. They pack their pink suitcases, and they are off on an amazing adventure in England. Soon, Baby Liza finds herself in a sticky wicket with the Queen. She discovers what all clever readers know: thoughtfulness and good manners always help, even in the most surprising circumstances.

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About the Author

Katherine Green spends her days in middle school. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, and she loves animals. A natural storyteller, she spins tales and writes plays about her experiences. The Adventures of Baby Liza, The Tiny Dragon and Ten Tiny Kittens was written for her sister Elizabeth, the real Baby Liza, after a family adventure in England took the girls through the maze at Hampton Court Palace. Elizabeth thought she saw dragons everywhere they went. Enchanted by that idea, Katherine’s imagination immediately went to work creating the story. Katherine lives with her family in Houston, Texas. When she grows up, she plans to write and teach. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to support organizations that provide educational opportunities for girls around the world.