Thistle Downe Coloring Book


Molly & Gary Whitney
Coloring Book

From the fun loving authors of Thistle Downe: A Tale of Trolls & Fairies, Molly & Gary Whitney have now released an accompanying coloring book! Use your imagination to make these playful trolls & fairies come to life as you experience Thistle Downe in full illustration as you overcome obstacles with Tyson the troll as his dreams come true in colorful ways.

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About the Author

Molly B. Whitney and Gary S. Whitney were born in Auburn, Alabama, and Denver, Colorado, respectively. Gary received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in 1968 and a Master of Science degree in Interior Design. Molly received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Auburn University, with a major in English and a minor in French. In his free time, Mr. Whitney enjoys sailing, piano, and architecture, and Mrs. Whitney likes literature, dance, and the French language. Together, the couple enjoys travel and art.