Fendi Onobun

Meet Fendi Onobun. All his life, Onobun dreamed of playing in the NBA. After a basketball career at the University of Arizona, Onobun was closer than ever to his childhood dream. However, as he was on the brink of success, Onobun’s potential NBA career took a hit it couldn’t recover from. For most, the story would end here.

Onobun’s tale is one of uncertainty, faith, hard work, and courage. In this unique success story, Onobun shares how he managed to reach the top of not just one, but two sports—transitioning from basketball to football and ultimately getting drafted to the NFL. Though riddled with seemingly impossible choices, the road for Onobun provides an example to all about the power of faith and unfaltering work ethic. It takes courage to pursue your dream, but it takes even more to set a course for a new dream that appears just out of reach.

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About the Author

Houston native and former NFL tight end, Fendi Onobun, grew up playing basketball and was touted as one of the nation’s best players coming out of high school. He went on to graduate from The University of Arizona where he lettered in basketball. His transition to football was coupled with his academic development as he went on to further his education at The University of Houston as a member of the football team. The former basketball player walked-on the football team and remarkably became the 1st pick of the 6th round in the 2010 NFL Draft.

After spending 5 years in the NFL, Fendi moved back to his hometown of Houston, Texas, where he currently resides with his wife Stephanie. Together, the two of them advocate for change in the health and fitness sector of their community.

Fendi’s experiences have shaped his desire to inspire and impart knowledge to the youth. In his first book, Transition: One Kid’s Bank Shot to the NFL, Fendi shares his life story in the hopes that the next generation will realize their potential in the face of adversity. His goal is to inspire the “next man up” to keep faith even when things do not go according to plan—that the impossible can become possible when you believe.