Wanda and the Oblahlahs

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Joseph W. Sutton
Illustrations by Jane Sutton Frawley

Wanda knows she needs to throw away her gum, but the babysitter doesn’t. When Wanda keeps chewing, the Oblahlahs come to life in Wanda’s mouth and the consequences are just as bad as her parents warned her. What should she do now? This vintage story, originally a cautionary bedtime tale for the author’s daughters comes to life again to remind today’s kids to listen to their parents. Proceeds go to Children at Risk.

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About the Author

Joe Sutton told his children stories every night when they were younger, and now he has recreated one of their favorites for his grandchildren. Original art by his sister brings this tale to life for the next generation of their family, for parents everywhere who want to impress on their children that chewing gum needs to be handled with both manners and care, and for children who want to see just what might happen if they dare not listen.

Jane Sutton Frawley created the Wanda illustrations more than 30 years ago to accompany her brother’s stories. She also helped edit the story to better accompany the illustrations. The mother of two children, Jane is an accomplished artist who earned her bachelors and masters degrees in fine art from Marshall University. She currently lives in Meggett, South Carolina.