Ramble On!

Here at Bright Sky Press, we’re thinking about ways to keep our curiosity up and our creativity flowing. There’s no better role model for this than Zane, the main character in Kelly Bennett’s children’s book, One Day I Went Rambling. Zane doesn’t let the other kids crush his imagination, and as he walks through the neighborhood reinventing all that he sees, they can’t help but eventually hop on board. As he rambles, Zane becomes a cowboy and a prince, a pirate and a pioneer—and always creates adventure.

Rambling_cvrHow can we keep little Zane-like moments in our own lives? Let’s think about rambling. To ramble is to move aimlessly, either physically or mentally. We ramble through the neighborhood, walking our dogs and enjoying the good weather, or through the shopping mall, peering through the windows at displays and fellow shoppers. We ramble through conversations, when we get carried away on tangents. We ramble through journal entries, in fits of rage or elation.

It seems inefficient, but it can be revelatory if we allow it to be. When we ramble, we abandon planned trajectories and consequently widen our potential paths and destinations. We name point A and point B and point C after we have arrived, instead of before. Rambling may be without specific purpose, but it still can be purposeful. We can go into the day with it as our intention—the intention to forget self-imposed boundaries and to move more freely, both with our footsteps and our train of thought. To climb out of creative ruts and staid routines, we all need to join Zane and go rambling.

Here are some ways to ramble this summer:

Ramble on foot, and explore your neighborhood. Instead of heading down your usual path, try out a different route, and remember to keep your eyes open for things you haven’t noticed before.

Ramble with found objects, and create a collage or sculpture. Pick a few things up on a walk around the neighborhood, then find a way to combine them into something creative and new.

Ramble with your words, and try your hand at a few rhyming lines or journal entries. Jump into your thoughts and don’t remove your pen from the paper until you’ve written for five straight minutes. See where your mind takes you.

And don’t forget to ramble with Zane in One Day I Went Rambling!

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