Rodeo Reads

By Sara Boyle, intern

March in Houston means two things: spring break and rodeo season. During a week-long break from classes, what better to do than gorge yourself on barbecue or take in some mutton bustin? This week as you and your family partake in the festivities, read one of these picture books celebrating the spirit of Texas each day.

DanceYall_cvrMonday: Dance, Y’all, Dance will make you want to two-step all the way to NRG. It describes a local dance hall on a Saturday night with a rhyme that instills nostalgia even in the most die-hard city slicker.stormWrangler_cvr

Tuesday: Bloomin’ Tales introduces you to the legends behind seven wildflowers found in BloomingTales_TexasTexas, including the bluebonnet. With stories from as far as Scotland and as close as Mexico, Bloomin’ Tales reflects the diversity that shaped Texas and still shapes it today.

Wednesday: Wild West meets weatherman in Storm Wrangler. The storm wrangler tames storms and comforts children with tools like lightning shields and lassos. This story is as imaginative as it is heartwarming.

goodCowgirl_cvrThursday and Friday: Good Night Little Cowboy and Good Night Little Cowgirl are the same except for the title. Also by the same author is Good Night Little Texan, which is similar but is goodCowboy_cvrgeared more specifically toward Texans. Each of the books is a bedtime story or a lullaby wishing good night to everything classically Texan.

These stories are sure to please any rodeo fanatic and spark the curiosity of any skeptic. goodTexan_cvrWhether you attend or not, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is as much a part of Texas as the urban cowboy, local dance hall, or the beloved bluebonnet.

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