Stay Silly with SillyBox

By Lawson Gow, author

I have worn a Superman costume 21 times this year so far. And I am 26 years old…

SillyShoes_cvrBut I do it for a good reason! Last year, I wrote a children’s poetry book, Silly Shoes: Poems to Make You Smile, published by Bright Sky Press. The premise is that the world is too serious—there’s too much pain and sadness! What we all really need to do is put on our Silly Shoes, tie them up tight and go out and infuse the world with goofiness and cheer. And in that spirit, I wear my Superman costume every time I read my book to kids!

One thing that has made a profound impact on me during these readings is how excited and happy little kids get when someone reads to them. I wanted to spread this happiness–especially to those who could use a little extra. Thus, SillyBox was born.

I like to think of SillyBox as the non-profit extension of Silly Shoes. SillyBox is an organization that applies the subscription box business model (think dollar shave club, Birchbox, etc.) to charitable giving. So, at, people can subscribe to a box of books, toys, school supplies and other fun items that are delivered to a child in foster care on their behalf every month. Each box is filled with hand-picked items to meet the needs and interests of the children in our recipient foster care organizations.

We at SillyBox believe passionately in the importance of a fun, loving environment for children. Like Silly Shoes, SillyBox was created to cheer up those who need it and to spread the silliness! But it was also important to us that we enable people to give a little amount in a very significant way. Too often are people discouraged from making a contribution to a charitable cause because they don’t feel like they can give an amount that will make any real difference. This isn’t the case–it only takes a little bit do a lot of good! At, subscribers have two options, a $30/month “big box” subscription and a $15/month “small box” subscription. That’s all it takes to fund the delivery of a box to a child in need every single month. These children have very little to call their own, and it can be life-changing for them to feel loved enough that someone would think to send them a box of things just for them.

We launched the charity a couple of months ago and have already had LOTS of people sign up for a monthly subscription! SillyBox’s near-term focus is the Houston area, where roughly 6,000-10,000 children are in foster care at any given time, but over time, we plan to expand throughout Texas and beyond!

In only a few short months, SillyBox has become a tremendous force for good in the Houston community and, as the number of subscribers grows, will have an increasingly significant impact on the lives of the children who need it the most. Help us spread the silliness and remind these children that they are loved–and that there are people out there who truly care for them.

Stay Silly!

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