Storm Wrangler

Even in Texas, the winter season brings cold weather and rain. If your child is afraid of storms, tell him to fear no more, the Storm Wrangler is here! Help your kids battle the stormy weather with a fun activity to make their own storm wranglin’ lasso.

SW-hurricaneWhat you need:
The Storm Wrangler protects young friends from the power of thunderstorms, tornadoes and blue northers with the help of his gear, guts and handy lasso. Anything from an old jump rope to durable string or rope can be used to make a Storm Wrangler-inspired lasso! A pair of scissors and marker may also be needed.

What to do:
Have your little Storm Wrangler pick the length of their weather-fighting lasso. Long or short, it’ll be equally effective in keeping those squalls away!

Work with them to cut their lasso to the desired length. Once the rope is cut, choose one of the ends to be tied into a loop.

SW-kidEstimating, divide the lasso into thirds. Fold one-third of the rope over, and use a marker to mark where the loose end reaches. Tie the end of that segment at the mark. After double-knotting the tie, your lasso is ready to wrangle!

The untied portion of the rope can be coiled around an arm or a belt loop for holding. Complete the look by adding a shield and hood.

What they learn:
Although it may not seem like many things are learned in a craft project like this one, a few beneficial skills are picked up. Craft and art activities enhance children’s creativity, which will be especially useful in school projects.

This is also a fun way to help children overcome their fear of storms. The Storm Wrangler’s lasso is the essential tool that helps him to courageously stand up to bad weather. Although fictional, knowing that they have the tool a hero uses can help raise children’s confidence when working to overcome their fear. The Storm Wrangler puts others before himself, and many children are inspired by behavior such as this from characters they admire. Despite seeming as though this is simply a fun art project, there are also good behavioral traits that can be adopted. The Storm Wrangler is one of many interesting and benevolent characters that children can learn from.

Now, hood on! And shield up!
Sling your lasso with pride.
‘Cause ropin’ a twister’s
one heck of a ride!

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