Stress Busting for Moms

By Jessica Hardman, Intern

At Bright Sky Press we love mothers. Most of us are mothers, or have a special place in our hearts for the women that raised us. When May rolls around, our office is abuzz with ideas of how to appreciate the wonderful ladies in our lives for Mother’s Day. While chocolates and homemade cards are never amiss, this year give your favorite mother two wonderful reads: Elizabeth Irvine’s Healthy Mother, Healthy Child and A Moment’s Peace: A Mom’s Guide to Creating Calm Amidst Chaos.

healthyMother_cvrIn Healthy Mother, Healthy Child, Elizabeth talks about the challenge of raising a family while remaining calm and stress-free. One of her suggestions is to make simple changes to routines. For example, family meals can provide normalcy and increase overall dietary health and a simple yoga routine can address the physical side of working toward a stress-free life. She introduces homeopathic remedies as alternatives for conventional medicine. These thoughtful tips are aimed at the adults in the house, but children can also benefit from this advice.

momentsPeace_cvrIf the mother you are celebrating is more interested in action plans, A Moment’s Peace is geared towards the steps a woman can take to remain calm through bodily relaxation techniques. Elizabeth places great importance on understanding our own bodies. She guides you through a standard method of meditation and explains the benefits of taking moments during your hectic life to reflect. Elizabeth emphasizes our need to take time to remember our mental health, separate from that of the family.

As the mothers of Bright Sky Press can attest, Elizabeth’s tips can produce great results. Here is the first example Irvine gives as a “Stress Buster” that any person can use. Pass this along to the mothers in your life to help her relax during her special day.

Stress Buster

Standing or sitting–I think about my feet, and place them hip-width apart feeling equally balanced weight on both of my feet–heavy and grounded on my feet. Now I allow my attention to travel up to my pelvis and feel the spreading and widening of my pelvis as my body begins to respond by lining up with my feet and correcting my posture. The ripple continues up to my shoulders, as if they automatically draw back and down and away from my ears, rolling back, allowing more space for my chest to be open and free. I keep my head and neck in line with my spine, and imagine a jewel resting upon the crown of my head, allowing me to hold my head with dignity and poise. I bring awareness to my breath and notice my inhalation and exhalation–and taking a few slow deep breaths in and releasing them back out as I allow my rib cage to expand, my breath soothes and nurtures my body’s posture.

Let go of any stress and enjoy this weekend. Have a happy Mother’s Day!

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