The Boy Who Saved My Life by Earle Martin

We often face obstacles and hardships in life that make it difficult to push forward. You may question why certain events unfold, but then something miraculous happens. In The Boy Who Saved My Life by Earle Martin, Charlie, at two and a half years old, becomes the light that directs Martin’s life through the deep dark depression back to joy and happiness. Living guarded and distant from the world, Earle expresses how Charlie helped him realize that life is much more than the depression he was experiencing after caring for his ill wife, Katherine. Earle soon accepts his autistic grandson and begins building the relationships he always wanted. Earle shares that his book has been written for you:

BoySavedLife_cvrHere are ways in which you might have your own life profoundly changed—perhaps even saved—by your own Charlie. And if you have not yet met your special friend, here are ways you might discover each other.

As you read, keep in mind that Earle’s experiences with Charlie are his reflection upon precious moments of the friendship that he has built with his grandson and, most importantly, his soul savior. As a witness to Charlie and Earle’s relationship, you will be reminded of the joy that comes from meeting new people and helping them to become the best version of themselves they can.

All proceeds from the book go to Brookwood community, which emphasizes the importance of inspiring men and women with disabilities who face challenges.

Have you met your Charlie?

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