The Word Burglar Dictionary Designers!

Oolong. Guffaw. Bellicose. Lollygag. Onomatopoeia!

So many words, but so little time.

Did you know children’s vocabulary nearly doubles between grades 3 and 7? Help your kids learn new words with an activity inspired by Chris Cander’s The Word Burglar. Grab those magazines piling up on the coffee table and start creating your own dictionary.

WB-cvrWhat You Need
The Word Burglar steals his words from any books he can find, but learns that the books need those words as badly as he does! Instead of cutting up your beautiful books, use old newspapers and magazines and let kids get a little crazy with (safety) scissors.

What To Do

Have your word burglars cut out any new words that look interesting and paste them onto the cardboard sheet. Work with them to look up the words online or in an old school dictionary. Talk about fun ways to use the words, or make up silly sentences. Challenge older kids to make a poem with the new words.  Or have them generate new definitions, like our Word Burglars did.


WB-definitionsWhat They Learn
As your kids look up words in a dictionary, write the definitions and use their words in sentences, you’re strengthening vocabulary, syntax and communication skills. Most of all, you’re modeling the fact that words are magical and learning is fun.

Steal some quality time with your favorite word burglar, and we promise you’ll have the best dictionary ever.

We’d love to see what you create together! Please send a photo of your dictionary page or poem to, and we’ll feature you and your little logophile on our blog!

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