Treat Her Like a Princess

By Karin Keller, intern

Cancer seems to be a topic that makes everyone a little uncomfortable, and maybe it should. It’s one of the only common diseases that we don’t have a sure fire cure for. There are plenty of treatments and trials being offered but even those processes are long and unforgiving. The seemingly worst thing about cancer is that it has no prejudices; it doesn’t care whether you’re a child or a philanthropist or a criminal. This is precisely why Breast Cancer Awareness (well, any kind of cancer really) is so important, it effects all of us, and if it hasn’t already it could.

treatPrincess_cvrI’ve been lucky enough never to experience breast cancer personally, although, I have seen it happen to loved ones. It’s one of those topics that is hard to breach. Normally, when someone close to you is going through a hard time you say something along the lines of “I know how you feel,” “everything is going to be fine,” “don’t worry about it.” Unfortunately, none of those things really cut it do they? I can’t even begin to fathom what it would be like to have cancer, and honestly, I don’t want to— but, I do want to be able to help my friends and family feel a little bit better during a hard time.

Denise Hazen, a breast cancer survivor, wrote Treat Her Like a Princess: How to Help Your Girlfriend with Breast Cancer to do exactly that — help you help the people you love. Unlike some other breast cancer books, this one won’t make you cry or send you into a downward spiral of emotions, it’s witty and clever and funny in ways you wouldn’t normally expect. A cancer diagnosis can be devastating, and that is only the beginning, from there it only gets harder and more painful but with this step-by-step guide of sorts you can be there for someone you love without the discomfort of not knowing what to do or say. There’s enormous strength in friendship and community and that is something every person battling cancer deserves to feel.