What I have learned at Bright Sky Press

By Courtney Applewhite, Publishing Assistant

Fourteen months ago—my first month as an intern—I slaved over a 300-word blog for two days before it was submitted. Google showed me, “How to Write a Blog” and “Catchy Openings for Your Blog” that did nothing but increase my nerves. Fast-forward to today, I may open Google to check if a word is hyphenated, but after writing many blogs and editing even more, I am happy to say I no longer need “5 Ways to Make People Read Your Blog.”

Today is my last day at Bright Sky Press. I move forward with a heavy heart, but knowing that throughout the course of the past year I have learned new things, made many new friends and overcome several challenges. Fourteen months after my first blog, I want to share with you my last thoughts—what I have learned during my time with Bright Sky Press.

  1. Books Make A Difference
    I think that everyone in the book industry starts as a book lover and I was no different. What I didn’t realize was how much effort goes into each book. Seeing the process from manuscript to edits to design to final product opened my eyes to the intricacies of book creation. Beyond that, the first time I sat down with my godson and read Silly Shoes, I realized that OUR books—Bright Sky Press books—are important. We tell Texas stories in their many different forms and those stories touch people, young and old.
  2. Book Publishing Is A Service Industry
    We are here to serve—authors, booksellers and book buyers alike. We want to use our knowledge in the best way we know how to show and tell the story an author has created. We listen to input from booksellers in order to provide books in which they can generate interest. We work tirelessly to provide efficient service to customers who love our books. I think that the historical model of big publishing has pitted publishers against the world, leaving a sour taste on the tongues of readers. That’s not us. At Bright Sky Press, our real desire to is to use our gifts to contribute positively to the world through our favorite medium—books.
  3. Coworkers Matter
    You interact with people at work just as much or more than you interact with the people with whom you live. Having a positive work environment with coworkers you enjoy makes all the difference. I was lucky on both counts. If you know our employees—Lucy, Fiona, Marla, Eva, Lauren, Leslie and now a slew of interns—you know that you can rarely find more dedicated and hardworking people. From tea times to late-night book events, the people you spend time with at work can make a huge difference in your attitude. Coworkers matter. And I have had some of the best.

Although I am off to my next great adventure, the lessons I have learned and the people of Bright Sky Press will always be in my heart. I truly believe that we are the embodiment of our mission statement and I cannot wait to see how we will continue to grow.

Thank you for an amazing year!

Bright Sky Press.
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