About Bright Sky Press

Bright Sky Press creates fine books for trade distribution and limited edition private volumes. We provide quality editorial, design and production values in a supportive publishing program. Regional representatives and Bookmasters Distribution Services distribute our trade books to traditional and on-line book, gift and specialty accounts.


Managing Partner

Lucy Herring Chambers

I have always been a bookworm. Graduating from the University of Virginia, all I knew for certain was that I loved to read. I began working with books at Doubleday & Company as a reader in the Junior Literary Guild. Moving to the General Trade division as an editorial assistant, I had the opportunity to apprentice with David Gernert and Nan Talese, editors of Pat Conroy, Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwan and John Grisham, before becoming an editor. As editor, I acquired and edited a wide range of authors and genres including fiction writers Sarah Bird, Laurie Stone, and Jane Leavy and literary first novelists such as Elizabeth Dewberry Vaughn. Five years at Doubleday included working with non-fiction authors as diverse as Nolan Ryan and David Crosby, handling the lists of Issac Asimov and Paul West, conceptualizing The New York Times bestseller The Southern Belle Handbook: Why Princess Margaret Will Never Be a Kappa Kappa Gamma by Marilyn Schwartz, and writing The Petting Zoo, with “Jungle Jack” Hanna.

Always trying to find the right niche in the book world, I moonlighted as a book designer and a bookstore clerk before returning home to Houston to teach English at St. John’s School. Returning to the basics of language and literature after working in publishing provided additional perspective on books and reading. After I became a mother, I worked from home as a literary agent and freelance writer and editor before teaching at the nursery school my daughters attended. Its rich library immersed me in classic children’s literature and reminded me how much I loved books.

These experiences came together in 2008 when I became a partner in Bright Sky and served as Editorial Director. Now, as Publisher, I am privileged to work with a team of talented, big-hearted women who skillfully handle design, PR, publicity, sales and the ever-evolving work of sharing stories with readers. Publishing has been revolutionized since I first read Bunnicula at the Junior Literary Guild in 1985, but my experiences have taught me to appreciate a balance of innovation and tradition, in business and in books.