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Celebrate Summer with Bright Sky Press

These days in Texas, we all celebrate July 4th with as much vigor as those in Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. We love a good picnic with loads of fireworks, and our grilling can beat out any other state’s. But if we’re going to be historically accurate, Texas wasn’t even in the picture in July of […]

Houston Baseball

It’s the middle of baseball season and fans are lathered in sunscreen and sporting sunglasses to support their favorite team. Devotees of the sport are betting against each other, trying to predict outcomes, while less enthusiastic watchers made it a day-outing for some fun entertainment. But for the baseball fanatics and the casual viewer alike, […]

Follow the Smoke

Summer has officially begun and what better way to spend it than road tripping across the great state of Texas? And what’s the most important aspect of taking a road trip? The many different places to eat of course! Unfortunately, visitors and locals alike are traveling around Texas with little to no knowledge of great […]

Rule 2 Books: Horns by the Bull

In early May each year my mother creates her annual summer calendar: a filing folder, on the interior of which she meticulously delineated rows for each week of the summer and filled with our activities (color-coded, of course). The calendar began clear and full of free time, but quickly cluttered with lines and abbreviations representing […]

Celebrate the Summer Solstice

As we approach the summer solstice on June 21, we can recall many literary classics inspired by and set around this time of the year . Fans of early British literature may think of Edmund Spenser’s intricately wrought poem “Epithalamion,” in which Spenser riffs on the classic Greek marriage songs. Epithalamium were originally written to be performed […]

Book Magic

In 1971, I was in second grade. My school’s library was in a temporary building that had been in place since the early ‘50s. It was a magical place, with three shelves of orange biographies, the requisite rainbow of World Book encyclopedias, and all my best friends: Beezus, The Great Brain, The Littlest Witch, Dorothy […]

The Word Burglar Dictionary Designers!

Oolong. Guffaw. Bellicose. Lollygag. Onomatopoeia! So many words, but so little time. Did you know children’s vocabulary nearly doubles between grades 3 and 7? Help your kids learn new words with an activity inspired by Chris Cander’s The Word Burglar. Grab those magazines piling up on the coffee table and start creating your own dictionary.

Your Kids Will Never Know It’s Math

Summer is right around the corner and kids are already squirming in their desks, ready to leave learning behind. But you can keep that growing brain engaged, even after the final school bell rings. Invite your child to put on “math goggles” for all the activities in Robin A. Ward’s book Math + Art = […]

Hoo’s Your Favorite Author?

When you work in publishing and you meet someone new, she, or he, either asks what your favorite book is tells you she has written a book. Logical conversational gambits, both. The problem is, if you work in publishing, you are not a gourmet reader with one favorite volume, you are a gourmand, with volumes […]

Big Talking

It just stands to reason that the state with the tallest tales should have the most engaging expressions. Texas diction is chock full of wit and whimsy, valuable advice and truisms. Whether you want to cook up a whopper, shoot straight or never say pea turkey about nothin’, you can find a delightful expression for […]