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Read it and reap!

By EJ Freeburn In today’s fast-paced culture, it feels impossible to find the time to read anything other than a status update on Facebook, a Twitter feed, or the ticker at the bottom of the television screen. But if we can find time to aimlessly scroll through feeds and updates, then surely we can find […]

Open Hands, Open Heart

By Akshaya Iyer It’s November and Thanksgiving is drawing near. The foliage is speckled with crimson and yellow, there’s a crisp chill in the air, and we’re bundling up in sweaters and scarves to protect ourselves from the frigid cold. The year is almost over and it shows.

Thankful for Thanksgiving Treats!

By Aries Jones, intern Start unbuckling your belt, because it’s almost time for Thanksgiving dinner! There’s potato salad, pecan pie, and dressing galore, but you can’t forget the main attraction: the famous Thanksgiving turkey!


By Casey Froehlich, intern The days are slowly, but surely, beginning to shorten, and Houstonians are beginning to consider breaking out their winter clothes. This entrance into the colder months of the year signifies all the delicious meals that are soon to come.

Walking Through History

By Patrick Larose, intern It’s all too easy to forget our place in history. We don’t recognize where we came from, where the scenery surrounding us came from. Every day, as we walk down the street or cross the road, history pulls and pushes us like an invisible tide. Where we now stand, people from […]

A Day of Exploration

By Aries Jones, intern Earlier this week, was a day celebrated by many historians. It is also a day celebrated by everyday people. Don’t get me wrong, Columbus Day is no match for Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day in terms of festivities, but it’s still just as important. Why?

Touchdown! Texas Tailgating Done Right

By Morgan Dickson, intern When I think of summer coming to an end I instantly conjure up thoughts of scorching humid days that seem to get longer rather than shorter, back-to-school supplies just waiting to be purchased, and (most importantly) football. That’s right, football season is upon us at last, and I could not be […]

Stay Silly with SillyBox

By Lawson Gow, author I have worn a Superman costume 21 times this year so far. And I am 26 years old… But I do it for a good reason! Last year, I wrote a children’s poetry book, Silly Shoes: Poems to Make You Smile, published by Bright Sky Press. The premise is that the […]

The Need to Read

By Theresa Masciale, Intern As a current English literature graduate student, my love for reading is pretty pronounced. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies; a hobby that can transfer me to any world I like, whether it be J.K. Rowling’s whimsical world of Hogwarts or Edith Wharton’s veneered late 19th century New York. And […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

By Aries Jones, Intern When I leave the house in the mornings, I make sure I go equipped with umbrella, coat, wind-breaker, and sunscreen. If you have lived in Texas long enough, you may have begun to follow this same routine as well. Every day is a surprise when it comes to weather in Texas, […]