A Rose Blooms in Texas

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Carlos R. Hamilton Jr.


Historical fiction augmented with original letters and documents, A Rose Blooms in Texas presents a compelling picture of life in East Texas during the Civil War and the strength of character of the author’s great grandmother, a woman who was able to preserve her family’s values of education and enlightened treatment of others—as well as her beloved piano—for future generations.

A Rose Blooms in Texas weaves a tale of personal discovery through understanding of the past. To fully comprehend the present it is important to know what events in the past transpired to make it possible. This story will inspire its readers to uncover their own family histories and treasures.

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About the Author

Dr. Carlos R. Hamilton Jr. earned his BA from University of Texas, his MS with Honors from Baylor college of Medicine, and trained in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins Hospital and in Boston at Massachusetts General Hospital; Hamilton is a retired Lt. Col. Endocrinologist with the US Air Force and resides in Houston, Texas.