Answer Keys

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Melissa Lowry, M.A., Heather Baird, M.Ed.,
Jennifer Randall, and Patina Sehorn


Ever wondered why most children behave better at school than they do at home? Now, four teachers who are also mothers offer honest, insightful and practical lesson plans for getting children to behave, feel valued and do their best. Consolidating and interpreting the research, Answer Keys describes the expert resources and methods necessary to bring the joy back to parenting.

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About the Author

Heather Baird Heather Baird holds a B.S. in Early Childhood Education, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and has taught predominately inner-city school students for over 10 years. She currently volunteers her time teaching workshops to parents and serving on the Board of a mother’s group based in Houston where she resides with her husband, Stephen, and their daughter.

Melissa Lowry is the founder and director of SmartyPantz Education; a consulting firm that specializes in helping educators and parents build and maintain strong home-school relationships. Previously a K-8 Elementary school principal, she holds a Master’s degree in Literacy and Language Arts and has taught elementary and middle school. Melissa splits her time between Houston and Los Angeles where she currently lives with her husband, Mac, and their two children.

Jennifer Randall is a learning disabilities specialist who has a passion for teaching each student in the way he or she learns best. After teaching fifth grade at The Briarwood School for six years, Jennifer joined the staff of Speech and Language Remediation Center where she conducts reading, grammar and written language workshops. She also provides tutoring and academic therapy at private schools in Houston. Jennifer currently lives in Houston with her husband, Paul, and their two children.

Patina Sehorn found her second career in Early Childhood and Elementary Education after the death of her first husband. She is currently the service project coordinator for MOPS and a “Mentor Mom” for young mothers. As a wife and mother of three, ranging in age from 5 to 17, Patina uses her life experiences both in and out of the classroom to encourage mothers to parent with a purpose.