Cassandra and the Night Sky


Amy Jackson
Illustrations by Donna Paredes
4-color illustrations

After a greedy king steals all the glittering stars in the sky, a little princess who grew up in a world without stars may just be the unsuspecting hero the kingdom has been waiting for. After stumbling upon the mystery of the stolen stars, it is up to Cassandra and the help of her friends to return the stars to their rightful home and illuminate the night sky once more!

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About the Author

Amy Jackson is the founder and director of Starry Sky Austin. Growing up in Houston, Texas, with NASA in her backyard, her lifelong dream has always been to become an astronaut. Jackson has a bachelor of physics from University of Houston and a masters of science teaching from Rice University. She has over eighteen years experience teaching and working with the public, and has spent the past eight years following her passion by inspiring Austin and the surrounding communities with hands-on astronomy classes through Starry Sky Austin. Jackson lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and three daughters.

Donna Paredes never had any formal training as an artist, but always loved drawing since she was very young. Despite her career path of an R.N., she never stopped painting and drawing. Today, painting is her passion. Cassandra and the Night Skyís illustrations are the first time Paredes has experimented with colored pencil, and has discovered a true love for it. She currently lives with her husband in Houston, Texas, and enjoys her summers in Colorado.